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A Remarkable Day!

We had a remarkable experience at Canopy's Bloom lunch Diverse cultures came together to celebrate students in our community. We each brought something to share – fabulous food (parents), time investing in kids (tutors), hard work (students), generous giving...

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Canopy Scholars Bloom Lunch

Celebrate the Canopy Scholars Community!
Canopy Scholars Bloom Lunch
Saturday, June 15 | 11:30 AM

You are invited to our 2024 Bloom Lunch! Last year, we introduced you to the Canopy Scholars community, and this year we’ll be fostering deeper connections with all of you: our scholars, their families, volunteers, and supporters!

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Spring Stories from Canopy Scholars

Imagining The Future!

Imagining yourself attending college, being a leader in the STEM field, or having the power to shape an organization can seem beyond reach for a young person of color.  This spring at Canopy, we are engaging students in imagining their future in three different ways - learning, leadership and long-range planning.

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February Stories from Canopy

A fun way to learn about the environment is to make slime! To begin their recent science experiment, students learned about carbon and algae. Carbon is a gas that helps the Earth hold heat from the Sun. Too much carbon is making the Earth’s temperature warm up too much, causing climate change. Scientists are finding algae might be able to help – it absorbs carbon to make oxygen, and is found all over the world in places like oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Students then made slime, mixing together glue, saline solution, and baking soda.

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Introducing the CLIMATE CHALLENGE!

Canopy Scholars are having fun & working hard! Students are working one-on-one with tutors who look like them, share similar cultural experiences, and who can be role models. In addition to homework, tutors are engaging students in a new project this year - the...

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Celebrate Canopy Scholars at Bloom!

Saturday, June 3 | 11:30 am! You are invited to our Bloom Lunch, where we will recognize and celebrate the Canopy Scholars community: our scholars and their families, volunteers, and supporters! It’s an opportunity to connect and learn about what makes Canopy...

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