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As Canopy continues to grow, check this blog for news, events and information as we expand our tutoring and STEM programs to improve lives and strengthen community.

May 2022 Report

A Community of Scholars, Parents, and Tutors  We are intentional about building community with students at Canopy. When students feel a sense of belonging and connection, they are more likely to succeed academically. As we come to the close of this school year, we...

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April 2022 Report

April Report from Canopy  The word that best describes Canopy’s work in April 2022 is empower. Empower /empowered /empowering / empowerment is a verb that is defined in the dictionary as: to give power or authority to; to enable or permit. During the month of...

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Spring Stories from Canopy

There are great stories taking place at Canopy, so we invite you to the inaugural edition of Canopy News.
How are students bouncing back? What is empowering parents? Take a look - you'll be informed and inspired!

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2021 Event Wrap Up

As we wrap up our virtual campaign, we are so thankful for the way our community continues to give. We are grateful for your commitment and dedication to helping us move closer to our goal to help Shoreline students grow into their full potential as scholars through tutoring, STEM, and community building programs.

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