Canopy students recently had the chance to build build robots and program them for different missions. Our 2022 Robotics Camp was led by a lively technology teacher, mentors from the Cyberknights Robotics team, and Canopy tutors. Students were able to use state-of-the-art Lego Spike Prime robot kits and Chromebook computers, thanks to generous Canopy donors.

In an fun environment, students built robots and gave them unique characteristics to to achieve different tasks, (or to intimidate the other robots). In daily competitions, robots pushed cups out of a huge ring, navigated mazes, and traversed a ramp to execute precision moves. Kids acquired skills important to their future – critical thinking, coding, fundamentals of engineering and technology, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership.

Students built skills and confidence in finding unique solutions to problems. One day, they will be finding unique solutions to solve problems that will change the world. 

Enjoy this short video of Canopy’s Robotics Camp!


  • Stay tuned for more photos and videos from our Robotics Camp
  • A reflection from a Canopy board member
  • Some camp jokes:
    • What do you call a robot who runs into a wall? Wall-E
    • What do robot dogs have? Robo-tics