Spring Stories from Canopy 


Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Canopy newsletter!

This school year Canopy is tutoring 58 elementary and middle-school students – you’ll be informed and inspired by the stories written by Canopy’s parents, tutors, and staff about all that is happening.

We have made big changes this year. First, we have changed our name to Canopy, we were formerly Turning Point Seattle. Our new name represents the community we have created together that supports, protects, and enables us to grow. Second, thanks to some generous grants, we have three new part-time staff – Saba, Aden, and Sophia, who are brilliantly deepening the impact of Canopy’s work. Last, we are doubling efforts for Canopy’s underlying goal: empowering students to be at, or above, their grade level. This is critical as students grapple with the academic challenges of the past two years.

As we settle in after spring break, I would like to say thank you. Thank you to the staff, volunteers, and parents who are giving your sweat and your time. Thank you to the donors who are making all of this financially possible. Thank you to the students for doing what is sometimes difficult (schoolwork) and giving us all what we need most right now: hope.

– Lynn Newcombe, director of Canopy

Supported Kids, Connected Families
by Saba Berhe, director of family engagement

My name is Saba, and I am a mother of four beautiful children. We have been part of Canopy tutoring for the past seven years and it has been an outstanding program for our family.

Parents of Canopy

Saba with Canopy parents

On top of tutoring our children, Canopy gives us the chance to build community. While our children are being tutored, many of the moms gather in a nearby room for conversation and coffee. We share our thoughts and ideas about our kids’ education, and we ask questions to one another in a safe environment.

It has been excellent and exciting for parents who come from different backgrounds to be empowered. 

If you’d like to learn more about Canopy’s programs for your children, please email Saba here.

Setting Goals That Set Students Up To Succeed
by Aden Afework, associate tutoring director and UW senior

Canopy is giving middle school students the chance to cultivate their own community and be in a space where they feel supported by their peers and tutors. To help the students be at or above grade level by the end of the year, we are helping them develop individualized SMART goals in collaboration with their tutors to help them excel in their core classes. SMART is an acronym that stands for specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound. Here is an example of a SMART goal from one of our students:

Nahier working on his SMART goals.

Specific: Learn different types of operations on positive and negative numbers.

Measurable: I will do harder problems each time.

Actionable: I will practice every day at tutoring.

Realistic: I will work past distraction.

Time-bound: Discuss progress once a week.

Canopy’s aim is for our middle school students to be high school ready by the end of their 8th grade year. In addition to helping students reach their SMART goals, we will be providing tips and information about high school. We want our students to make a smooth transition into high school and beyond.


Canopy Tutors: Inspiring and Inspired
by Sophia Hernandez, elementary tutoring intern and UW freshman

Canopy Elementary

Megan, on the left, getting students ready for a fun science experiment.

Canopy’s tutors are helping students bounce back from the past two challenging years by building a strong and supportive community with the students. When students experience community — a sense of belonging and connection — they are better able to thrive academically.

Canopy has a stellar team of tutors, and I’d like you to meet Megan, a Lakeside High School senior who has volunteered for the past four years.

Megan began volunteering after her sister and best friend shared their experiences with Canopy. “They both had such positive experiences that I wanted to get involved as soon as possible. I have volunteered with Canopy for all four years of high school and I’ve gotten to watch the kids grow up into these wonderful, bright people — something that I feel very lucky to have witnessed.”

As Megan reaches the end of her senior year, she reflects on how Canopy has influenced her development. “This organization has impacted me in ways that I’ll carry with me for a long time. Canopy has given me a sense of belonging and community that I haven’t found anywhere else, and I genuinely look forward to working with all the people who are part of Canopy, every day. Tutoring here has also inspired me to get out of my comfort zone. Wherever I end up in college, I will undoubtedly be finding some way to get out and meet people and learn their stories.” Megan will continue impacting the lives of students at Canopy by volunteering during college breaks and during our summer robotics camp.

Canopy has over 60 volunteer tutors making a real difference in students’ lives. If you are interested in being part of the tutoring team, let us know! office@canopyscholars.org

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  • Canopy families are headed to Camp Coleman’s Weekend Family Camps in May. These weekend camps are made possible through a partnership with the YMCA. Check our next newsletter for photos from camp!
  • Canopy’s Robotics Camp is coming at the end of June. To see if your student qualifies, please email Lynn here.
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Canopy team Lynn Newcombe, Sophia Hernandez, Aden Afework, Saba Berhe.

Thank you from the Canopy staff: Lynn, Sophia, Aden, and Saba.